Our Spirit

  • Loyalty

    Personal interests being well integrated into the collective interests of our corporation.

  • Sincerity

    Our attitude and style being factual, thorough and practicable.

  • Diligence

    Our strength comes only from the diligence that leads us to surpass competitors.

  • Innovation

    Innovation become our only unchangeable doctrine for survival.

Our Value

  • Reverent

    To be specific, we should work on the natures of the things. “Rules” refer to not only objective rules but also the laws and regulations of the country, moral principles of the society as well as the systems and clauses of the Company.

  • Benevolent

    This is also known as “benevolence”, which is, “do unto others as you would be done”. “Love towards others” means “benefiting others”, a man caring for others will be cared by others. “Others” include the customers, employees, shareholders, governments and other social stakeholders.

  • Grateful

    To be specific, we should be grateful and bear in mind to reward others greatly when receiving even small help from them. We should act and behave with an indebted heart and smile to the world and the life.

  • Sharing

    Furthermore, we should be sincere to others and seek for mutual help and support from others. By joining hands, we can share the happiness and success.

Our Mission

  • We create value for you
  • Create values for our customers

  • Realize dreams for our employees

  • Seek benefits for our shareholders

  • Contribute taxation to the government

  • Devote love to society

Our Vision

We aim to build G.R.G.

into a multinational corporation

with industry-leading position.

Our Faith

Tomorrow is Now