The General Party Branch of G.R.G. Organised the Viewing of "Article 20" to Promote the Spirit of the Rule of Law.


On February 26th, in order to further enrich the organizational life of Granders, adhere to fairness and justice, and enhance the legal awareness of employees, the General Party Branch of G.R.G. organised party members and employees to watch the film with the meaning of legislation education "Article 20". Party members of all branches have benefited a lot and deeply recognized the importance of the rule of law in social development. They agreed that overturning historical inertia, promoting the progress of the rule of law, and fostering an environment of fairness and justice requires the joint efforts of everyone in society. Granders agreed that they will further enhance the awareness of the rule of law, strictly abide by laws and regulations, consciously integrate the spirit of the rule of law into the management and daily life of enterprises, and actively work for the development of enterprises and create a more just social atmosphere.